What We Do

Our goal is to lower the overhead cost and provide a quality service at an affordable fee.

This is Accomplished By Limiting the Services Provided to:

  •     Routine Wellness Exams
  •     Clinical Medicine
  •     Dentistry
  •     Spays(cats only)
  •     Neuters
  •     Elective Surgery
  •     Growth Removals
  •     Vaccinations
  •     Laser Therapy


Extensive services, such as radiology, hospitalizations, and specialized surgeries are referred. Thereby expensive hospital space, equipment and labor are eliminated. The savings can be passed on to the client to provide affordable medicine. This philosophy has allowed Great Value Pet Clinic fees to be 30% less than a full service hospital. Tech visits are $10 with vaccinations after the first initial visit, and exams are only $40. Dental cleanings start at $250. The dental includes anesthesia, ultra-sonic scaling, polishing and fluoride rinse. Blood-work, extractions and medications are additional. 

Emphasizing Dental Services, we offer C.E.T. Dental Products for prevention of tartar and gingivitis. We can also provide over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and dental products.

Cost Effective Pet Health Care

We are proud to be able to provide quality care for our furry friends at the lowest cost to our clients possible. Take advantage of our caring professional staff and their dedication to healing animals,

call us today.

We do not have emergency hours, if pet has emergency please call Powers Pet Emergency at 719-473-0482. 

Great Value Pet Clinic Will Be Able to Provide Most of the Services Needed at Up to 50% Savings Over Full Service Hospitals.

Contact us at 719-646-3580 to take advantage of our services.

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